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What is Volunteering?

New to Canada?

At Millennium Motorist Foundation of Canada (MMFC - Welcome House) we provide support. Advocacy, guidance and information to you and your family to integrate with mainstream society.

Click on the following links to find out more:
  • Learn English (ESL)
  • How to new start your life in Canada
  • Jump start your career (profession to profession mentoring immigrants program)
  • Network with other new comers and organization

We also offer awareness programs on radios and through seminars and workshops.

Profession to Profession Mentoring New Immigrant Service

Our retired and employed members engage in volunteer work as part of their professional development career plan. As mentors, our members can help transition a newcomer into the job market, make connections, share knowledge and learn new skills. Volunteers in specific fields of work are matched with skilled immigrants looking for employment in those fields/professions. Call to connect our service line 416-918-1318



MMFC Welcome House is committed to provide variety of services to seniors and older adults that include awareness programs, health seminars, yoga classes. family violence, elder abuse and victim services through information session and workshops.

Our mission is to improve the future of individuals and families of our seniors through supportive, therapeutic and preventative programs.


We provide programs helping youths discover their potential. Our dedicated staff and excellent programming offer connection and transformation fostering mental, physical, social spiritual and emotional well-being among young people in our community.

We also provide counselling, guidance and appropriate youth programs to troubled youths conflict with laws and facing criminal charges, including assistance to rehabilitation and integration within the community.

Also provide assistance in drafting resumes, searching employments and prepare for job interviews. Mentoring programs for profession to profession is available.


MMFC is committed to provide assistance to active members (Auto Club) in emergency motoring needs, including but not limited to towing, roadside assistance such as battery boosting, gas supply and tire repairs by associate auto services individuals and tow truck operators.


MMFC is also provides comprehensive and defensive driving training by professional if required. Provide education and training in basic knowledge of vehicle maintenance to prevent accidents and major repair cost.

Educate public on various aspects of motoring including but not limited to safe driving, traffic offences and consequences thereto, and compulsory auto insurance responsibilities, through seminars and workshops.

Auto Club Active Members are eligible to receive the following emergency services
  • Towing to associated auto workshops
  • Battery boost/cold weather starting
  • Flat tire services
  • Gas delivery
  • Lock out services and more


Our History

Mr. Sivaloganathan has been actively involved in the field of Law and Order for many years. He was a Police Officer in his home land Sri-Lanka. He has been also worked in the Parking Enforcement with the Toronto Police Services and as a Court Officer in the Superior Court of Justice of Ontario (Civil Division). Presently Mr. Sivaloganathan is a licensed Paralegal practicing law in Ontario. Beside his professional practice, he is providing Pro-Bono services in the legal clinic of the mmfc welcome house.